Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 3
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12 
Selket STR: 30
Neith: 30
Haroeris: 40
Anubis: 40
Isis: 40
Santa: 15
Fat Stone Boi: 12
Simulation: 20
Baal[STR]: 20
Medusa: 50
Server Dungeon (STR BOSS): 35
Server Dungeon (INT BOSS): 35
+0 = 13% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 14% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+2 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+3 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+4 = 20% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 2 passive]
+0 = 10% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 11% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+2 = 12% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 2]
+3 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 2]
+4 = 17% HP - MP increase passive [35% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 2]

If you or your bot sold items to npc and they are gone for ever - we might help you in that case and refund your items;

- without item plus

- without item stats

This request will not be our priority if there are other support tickets but will be taken care of within the next 48 hours.

In order to protect the value of gold, we slow down gold profits from jobbing. (Except for hunters).
When a trader or thief collect 50 EP from jobbing (Between 18:00 ~ 18:00 next day), we lower the profit by 50%.
Hunters are an exception for job balance purpose.
Another exception is, if the user has NO PREMIUM, the profit will go down to 0 instead of 50% profit.
A user that has THIEF and HUNTER or TRADER in his account will also get no profit. You must have either Trader/Hunters in your account or Thief and no Trader/Hunter.
When player earn 50 EP, he can still earn as many ep as he wants, up until he hits weekly or global limit.

As a trader, you can collect 500M gold every day (Until you hit the limit and start to earn less)

This only happens if the server was offline when ''30 minutes left until the Special Trade start'' notice appear.

The next Special Trade event will run fine. smile

When you do jobbing as hunter/trader/thief, your reward will be granted on your account AFTER you relog.

GOLD ---> Storage

Electus Points / Honor Points ---> EP Window.

You don't have to relog every time you complete a trade run. We recommend you do it after 10 trade runs max. MAX is 30 runs. (200 EP Per relog).

1. Character Reset Scroll (949 Silks)

- Resets all skills and restores all the skill points including godsend skills (60M for each godsend skill level)

- Resets stats and restores all of it

- Available in Item Mall for 500 Silks.

- Upon use, your character will get disconnected. When you login back, you can learn masteries / add stats as you wish.

- Your race will not change. This scroll only restores the skills and stats.


2. Race Switcher Scroll (1000 Silks)

- Resets all skills and restores all the SP  (including godsend skills sp 100%)

- Resets stats and restores all of it

- Changes your race from EU to CH or CH to EU. You can change your gender at the same time - if you wish to. Buy any character skin/gender you want from the NPC.

- You have to unequip your items before you use the scroll.

- Available at Race Switcher NPC in Donwhang for 1000 Silks.

- Upon use, your character will get disconnected. When you login back, you can learn masteries / add stats as you wish.

- Your items will be safe in your inventory and won't be removed / changed to other race.


3. Skill Reset Scroll (499 Silks)

- Resets all your skills and restores your skill points (SP) including godsend skills (60M for each godsend skill level).

- Available in Item Mall for 500 Silks.

- Upon use, your character will get disconnected. When you login back, you can learn masteries and skills as you wish.

- Your stats (INT/STR) will not change. This scroll only removes your skills and restores the skill points (SP)



4. Stat Reset Scroll (499 Silks)

- Resets your stats (STR/INT).

- Available in Item Mall for 500 Silks.

- Upon use, your character will get disconnected. When you login back, you can add your stats (STR/INT)

- Your stats skills/masteries will not change. This scroll only removes / restores your stat points.

Unfortunately, Client-Crash aka Clientless issue have no solution to this date.
It mostly occurs in Survival Arena and in most crowded areas.
For now, we cannot offer help for this matter.

We have 3 SOX. SOS, SOM and SUN.

For play2win purposes, the best item 'SUN' can not be traded. Cannot be purchased with real money. It can only be obtained with Electus Points + Coins which you can only get by doing in-game activities. EP cannot be traded/purchased with money either.
SOS = 101+3

SOM = 101+5

SUN = 101+7

SOM and SUN items will be blocked in the first weeks. SOS will be unlocked on 08.12.2022
You can visit Discord #drops channel to view droplist.

At 101 level, you can take XP quests from Quest NPC and join all activities including FGW/Job.
In our server, thief union has join limit. Because too many thieves can kill jobbing.
When we did that, some people played smart and started to join bots in job union and attempt to sell the slot for silk.
There was no other way to avoid this ''exploit'' than making it premium required to join.
Same thing apply to Job Cave and Survival Arena.
There are highly reawarding quests in these regions, to avoid people spam the rewards with bots and devalue the reward, we added premium requirement.

It's a fact that every main char has a premium unles it's 0% donator - new player. In this case, jobbing (trading) for an hour or two will get you premium.

Cap expansion is not ideal with VSRO Files + CH+ EU  races enabled so we have a legendary upgrade as a replacement of Cap Expansion. Find the details below.

1. Legendary Skills

There is no cap expansion but there are new skills! Legendary Skills will be added to each mastery (3 levels each skills) and will require 120M SP per level. 

These skills are VERY POWERFUL that you might even one hit your enemies with those skills.

Level 1: 24 Hours Cooldown

Level 2: 15 Hours Cooldown

Level 3: 10 Hours Cooldown


2. Holy Water Temple

6-7 Quests will be added with special rewards and each unique will drop valuable items (Coins & Boxes) in the temple. 


3. Legendary Upgrader Scrolls
Players will be able to upgrade their end-game weapons, equipments and accessories (EGY B or Grand Electus) to Legendary EGY B or Legendary Grand Electus.

These upgrader scrolls will require Electus Points + Coins and will NOT be tradeable.

Once the items are upgraded, the items will be strengtened by +2 and the following values of your item will remain as it is;

- Item Blues

- Item Stats

- Item Plus

- Advanced Elixir Status

- Model Switch

Your weapons glow switcher will be changed to Legendary Glow. You can check the new glow out in Electus Showroom. You can not keep the old glow on your weapon.

Above statement is only for early-bird information purpose and the legendary update changes might actually be different. 

There is no specific date for the update yet. It's gonna come out in July/August some time.

Hey! It's great you joined Electus Family!

We are here to give you a hand and introduce Electus Server to you.

Short Term Goals

1- Farm Gold from jobbing and valuable items from dungeons

2- Get SOX Items

First thing first, you have to farm a little bit of gold while grinding to 110 level. Collect stones, items, elixirs and everything you can and sell them to get enough gold. Join trader job union and start to farm gold by jobbing. It's important to know that only 5* loots are profitable. When you complete trade runs, relog and check your storage. Gold reward is granted in storage (Not necessarily every single time you complete trading). Sticking to caravans might save the day as it's protected by the hunters.

Next step, you farmed enough gold to live, now invest your gold to enter Godsend Dungeon with other people, or enter Forgotten World (Called Hall of Worship in Electus) and farm the boxes and coins. You can sell whatever you get to earn some silks and use it to buy SOX items. 

To find out what you'd get (valuable items) from the dungeons/uniques, check #unique-drops section on Electus Discord Channel, there is a full list in there.

Long Term Goals

1- Farm EP

2- Get End-Game Items (EGY B)

The best items in the game are non-tradeable. You can get them ONLY by playing the game, farming Electus Points from the activities. To find out more, simply press F6 Button to activate Electus Menu, then select Electus Points.

So, that's called EP. You farm the EP and coins to buy these ''best of best'' items from EGY B NPC.

Later, you can also upgrade those items to ''Legendary EGY B''. That's like a brand new now, and no biggie, for now, focus on getting EGY B Items.

Survival Arena, Godsend Dungeon and Jobbing are mostly the best activities for farming EP. You can also choose to farm those from CTF, BA, Alchemy, Hunting Uniques, Fortress War kills etc. but that's not mandatory.

And don't worry that many people already got EGY B items and you're far behind. You can farm as many EP as you want - while they are limited to ''weekly EP Limit''. So they have an obstacle and you don't. Go farm the EP NOW :-)

Also, our weekly updates favors the new players in every way possible. Pretty much everything is so much cheaper now, especially EGY B weapons now require much less EP & Coins than it did before. That's only to motivate YOU. So come on in, farm the EP now and ask us anything on Discord. We love you, we will support you, welcome to the family again :-)

Read this thread fully to not violate server rules.
You can sell-buy an account with certain rules apply only!

1. You cannot buy-sell accounts with cash (real money).
2. You cannot buy-sell accounts without an assistant/admins' support.
3. The payment cannot be made in cash. Only donations. 


1. Buyer & Seller must contact an assistant or admin.
2. A Discord group will be created for transparency and safety.
3. Buyer must buy silks from website or reseller and the silks will be on hold by admin until sale is complete.
4. The seller will pass login information and email adress in the conversation to the buyer under admin's watch.
5. The buyer will confirm he got the account and the admin will change account's email adress accordingly to buyer's wish.
6. The seller will receive the silk.

NOTE: The buyer cannot use silks that exist in the game. The payment must be done with a new donation only.  

NOTE 2: If you buy-sell an account without an admin's assistance, it's against the rules! You'll also risk your silk-money and we will not take responsibility for that!

You will lose your honor buffs and job level when you leave a job union.

11 DG Final items  : 110 Points per item 
11 DG Seal of Star : 120 Points per item
11 DG Seal of Moon : 130 Points per item
11 DG Seal of Sun : 140 Points per item [Available after 6-7 weeks]
- Every item plus will add additional +1 points on your character ranking point
- Devil/Angel/Almighty/Leviathan Spirits plus will add additional +1 points on your character ranking point (MAX +4)

How to donate & get Electus Cash:

1. Create an account
2. Verify your account (click the link in the verification e-mail you will receive in your mail box)
3. Login your account
4. Click on DONATE to donate through PayWant.

5. You can alternatively use Crypto to pay (For this, you must contact [GM]Yukie on Discord) or PayPal (For this, you must contact resellers, Ivan or Milky_Way on Discord)

This is a problem on 'CRACKED SBOT's end and has nothing to do with the server.

There is a glitch in sbot which is not fixed in sbot cracked version.

Bot-Cave (SBOT) released a fix for the original sbot version back in 2015 but the cracked version doesn't have the fix.

To avoid that, you can either use original sbot or mbot.

We are looking forward to see more livestreams on our Server x all platforms (Tiktok, Twitch, Yotube).

If you want to be a streamer and get paid (In Silk & Cash), go to ''JOB AT ELECTUS'' section on homepage.
After you apply for it, start streaming for a week (min 20 hours a week to be paid) and send us 7 days stream statistics/report.
You don't need to message any Admin about it until you have 7 days statistics.

Server Bilgisi
  • Online Oyuncu: 40/9000
  • Server Saati: 
  • CAP: 110
  • Irk: CH & EU
  • PC Limit: 2
  • IP Limit: 4
  • Guild Limit: 24
  • Union Limit: 2

















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